Rock or Bust - December 2nd.
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AC/DC’s New Album Took 10 Days to Record -

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd: "We’ll all have to be dead before it stops" -

AC/DC’s Phil Rudd to Release First-Ever Solo Album -

AC/DC Biographer on Why He’s Not Expecting Malcolm Young to Return - LoudWire

Hackers made Iran's nuclear computers blast AC/DC -

Albert Productions, the label behind AC/DC, rocks up 50 years -

THE AC/DC FAMILY is A tribute site to the greatest Rock N' Roll band ever - ACϟDC ! Created By the fans for the fans - over 300,000 Die Hard - ACϟDC fans! THE AC/DC FAMILY is one of the Largest fans base online today . the Facebook page is been Updated 24/7 with News , Music & Family members Photos by the Family Admins: Jón, Mike (ϟUncle Malϟ) , Terry (Unkie Angus) , ϟKolar, Greg (The Jack), William & Marina ( Miss Adventure )!

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